Millionaire Hoarders


Channel 4

Factual Entertainment

Across Britain, behind the doors of homes of all shapes and sizes lay astonishing hoards of potential treasures from extraordinary owners who have filled their homes with items they’ve acquired, curated, or obsessively collected. But, as they’re faced with challenging times, will a valuable item amongst their collections unlock a life-changing sum of money?

Millionaire Hoarders brings together four experts in the world of antiques and collectables to sift through homes packed full of potential to unearth items that could raise life- changing sums of cash for their owners.

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Executive Producer
Arabella Newnham
Executive Producer
Hannah Brownhill
Production Executive
Tammy Brandon
Producer / Director
Darren Green
Producer / Director
Jamie Hammick
Producer / Director
Kadir Abdul
Producer / Director
Sukh Sahota
Series Producer
Michelle Aherne